Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Help a Friend in a Crisis Pregnancy

What helps a woman see the realities of abortion when she is panicking over an unplanned pregnancy? No cute internet “meme” is going to do it. No list of facts, counter-facts, essays or stories on-line will make a difference. What it most often takes to help turn a woman's heart towards pro-life for her child is a true and trusted friend. Nothing more and nothing less. At First Way Crisis Pregnancy Centers, our goal and slogan is that we're here to be a friend, not a proselytizer or judge. We believe this approach is the most humane, kind and effective approach when a woman is struggling with making the serious choice of handling unplanned pregnancy. Our greatest obstacle is that we begin as strangers and then supportive acquaintances. If you are a friend, male or female, to a woman in this crisis situation, you are the #1 best source to guide a woman to embrace the difficult but only ethical choice of life.

Over the next few days, we will be posting tips of how to be the best possible friend to a woman who finds herself in crisis pregnancy. Stay tuned!

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