Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1st Way Worldwide Meme Contest, 2013

 1st Way
Meme Contest
(Now Open to Worldwide Competition)

Memes are like “mini-posters” that convey a message powerfully, in a quick, creative way. The goal of 1st Way's meme contest is to help make 1st Way and the goals of 1st Way better known in our community and to help make the new “Talk to a Friend” online outreach popular and successful. By taking part in this contest, you can help women feel cared about and supported and you may also save a baby's life. (example to the right)

Memes may be created on the following themes:
  1. Friendship
  2. Helping friends maintain purity
  3. Helping a Pregnant friend choose life
  4. Choosing life will not ruin your future.
  5. Strong women choose life. 
    6. Respect for life in all its stages and forms.

Memes may NOT contain
  1. Pictures of aborted fetuses.
  2. Direct references to abortion only.
  3. Emphasis on saving babies without reference to caring about women themselves.
  4. Indecent pictures or captions, especially those related to sex.
  5. May not imply single parenting is better than married parenting.

PRIZES will be awarded separately on the High School and College Levels. (Anyone age 13-24 may participate, regardless of school enrollment.)
Grand prize= $100 gift certificate for Itunes or Amazon
Second prize= $50 gift certificate for Itunes or Amazon
Third prize= $20 gift certificate for Itunes or Amazon
All memes, winning and not winning, may be posted and distributed on-line.

Contest Deadline: June 7, 2013

1. Any public domain pictures are okay. However, I put together a collection of pictures to help you get started:
The “adorable animals,” “BFFs,” and “empowered” boards are the best to draw from for ideas and pictures to use, but the rest are okay if you want to use them.
2. Google “meme generator” websites. There are many to choose from.
3. Questions? Like to help out more with on-line outreach? Contact and send submissions to .



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