Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pro-Life Position is Not About Politics or Religion

Let's bash some stereotypes!
Stereotypes tend to stop people from thinking for themselves. When a pro-life person is portrayed in a certain stereotyped way (such as only right wing, conservative Christian) people loyal to other religions and political parties often think to themselves, "I don't want to be like THOSE people!" From that point forward, most people don't consider the idea of really looking into the issue for themselves. Some make their entire decision about whether to be pro-life or pro-choice based on how they perceive their identity in relation to a religion or political party. This is very sad.

The best case for diversity in the pro-life movement can be seen by examining the millennial generation. They are the most ethnically diverse generation we have ever seen in America. Most millenials are not religious, and 1/4 are not affiliated with any religion;" 45% identify with "independent" instead of as democrats or republicans and yet the a majority of millennials believe abortion is morally wrong and 65 percent of Millenials feel that "pro-life" describes them somewhat or very well.

So, in the interests of presenting a more realistic image of the pro-life movement,  I've put together an on-line "resource list" for and about pro-life in all faiths. This list can be helpful to share with friends of all faiths or friends without faith. 

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These are awesome pages to refer people to when they seem to have bought in to the pro-choice stereotype that all pro-lifers are Christian or all pro-lifers are "right wing." The pro-life position has nothing to do with politics or religion.

All Faiths United for Life

Secular Pro-Life
Thriving on-line community that produces videos with some very good non-religious arguments against abortion.

Pro-Life Pagans

Muslims for Life

Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs Against Abortion

Jews for Life

ONE THIRD of the Democratic Party is Pro-life.

Libertarians for Life-

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  1. Active Mormon here. I proudly stand with Protestants, Catholics, Agnostics or Atheists, people from non-Christian religions, or little green men from Mars, in supporting and affirming the right to life and the worth of the unborn. If prayers are being offered, I will join in with whomever is praying (I have done so on several occasions.)