Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Can Make a Difference Easily in Just Ten Minutes

Last week, I posted about how little things you do can mean a lot in serving the pro-life movement. Gayle Atteberry, head of Oregon Right to Life, led a session at the Right to Life Conference about how to make a difference in ten minutes.

When Gayle talked about "influence," "power," and "leverage," she talked about finding your most natural area of "influence."

 For example, what would be most comfortable and ordinary for you to do. Maybe you like to read or write letters to the editor of the newspaper or magazines? Have you considered writing one on a pro-life subject? What about writing to an on-line publication?

Maybe you like to comment regularly in com-boxes on online articles. Make a special effort to find articles about abortion and spend time sharing your opinion.

Do you have any pro-life books lying around that you don't need anymore? Donate them to the library. Your local library may be lacking in helpful literature, and you could fill a real need.

Here's another great idea, especially for people like myself who work with youth. Take a look at what kids tweet. Observe them in their natural kid environment, so to speak. What appeals to them? How might you appeal to them in a better way?

Here's a really fun and easy idea- Do you like to be social or show off? Have you ever worked at a booth in the fair and loved it? Or did you enjoy science fairs at a child? Right to Life will send you materials to set up a table display in your parish hall. All you need to do is ask your pastor for permission and then contact Right to Life.

Do you like to play around on Pinterest? Pin more pro-life pictures and memes. 80% of what people pin on Pinterest is a re-pin. Search for good pins and keep them circulating around!

If you are 13-24, you can compete in 1st Way's Meme Contest. Write to us for information.

If you are a wonderful husband, you can buy lots of beautiful roses for your wife at 1st Way's rose sale this weekend.

Isn't it great how much you can do in just 10 minutes? The cool part is this- 

It really DOES make a difference. You don't have to wander outside your comfort zone much or at all. Give it a try!

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