Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Abortion Is No Trauma for Many

The traumatic impact of abortion- Is there always one? I am sad to say that there is often not. Although this may seem shocking to some, the traumatic impact of abortion is lessening more and more. It's important that we realize this and face this reality. When we tell these young women they may experience trauma later, they really think we're being bizarre.

I'm in my forties. As a teenager and young woman in my twenties, almost all my friends had an abortion at one time or another. I had two good friends who had multiple abortions. One had five and another had six. Neither were even as old as twenty-five years old. The only problem they had with having it done was the cost. The cost was truly all that troubled them. In their minds, having an abortion was like having an appendix removed. Anyone that told them the pre-born baby was a human being had to be deranged, since in their mind, it was something attached to their body that wasn't even developed into a baby.

These girls have also been warned, often by parents and teachers, that conservative “crazies” are going to try to talk them out of having an abortion and that they should stand proudly for their freedom to choose. How do we get through? Jesus said that for some, entering Heaven is as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle. He said none of us can reach Heaven without His help. The same is true in our mission to help save the lives of the unborn. Without constant prayer, most of us would despair.

As I've said before, a woman's intuitive and natural urge to defend and protect her child is still there. It's just buried under a web of protective lies. The lies prevent the pain of guilt from coming through. I never even met women who were traumatized through realizing they had taken the life of their child until later in life when I heard the experiences of many with intense remorse, PTSD and grief..

For those who realized the gravity of what abortion is, people had taken time to show them basic pictures from biology books or from their own ultrasound of babies as young as seven weeks, or somewhere in their past, they had been exposed to the value of protecting human life as a moral imperative. When a woman actually realizes she has taken the life of her own child, grief can be profound and trauma long-lasting. Realizing she's been lied to that her baby was only a "blob of tissue" will enrage her. One day, if she realizes the truth, yes, she can experience trauma, so we are correct to tell her that it's possible.

We don't need to judge these women. Confronted with the facts and with love, they will accuse themselves. Our job is to provide love and a window to reveal God's mercy and grace. Without trust in this love, who could possibly handle the truth of what they've really done through abortion? Denial is their protection from pain and it is reinforced wherever they go, more and more through our society. Soon, as in the state of Oregon, women in all the USA may not even need to be troubled by the cost. What will happen then?

Twenty years have passed. My old friends still have no regret for their abortions. Girls today, twenty years later, have even fewer qualms about abortion. Let's not be naïve about the women who come to us. They may never feel post-abortion trauma. If they do, we are always here. If they do not, our only recourse is to pray and to respectfully educate her about the human life within her body.

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