Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Say NO to Political Deception. Stay Up to Date on Pro-Life News!

Hi Everyone! I'll be gone for about a week and unable to post, but I want to be sure to leave you with some great things to read. Here are some pretty good recent news articles:

Even after the election, most Americans are still pro-life:

One of the most controversial subjects in the pro-life world ever- Abortion and Breast Cancer. Anti CPC web-sites (and even Wikipedia) slam crisis pregnancy centers for giving out false information about the link between abortion and breast cancer. They have a lot of support behind that claim, since many major medical associations agree that there is no link. I recently debated the Wikipedia editors of the CPC article and it was like being thrown in a shark tank. Each study I cited, they disregarded as biased.. However, more solid research keeps coming out that does show a link.

Wow. This is what some people think the human species is worth- Make our children's DNA marketable, like that of a farm animal.

You may have read about this already, but Planned Parenthood really wants to eliminate what little "prenatal care" they offer. It's pretty obvious those services are only on the menu so that they can say they serve all women's health needs and issues, but prenatal vitamins are not nearly as revenue generating as abortions, are they? It seems they're not worried about letting the facade go, now that they are confident of continued government funding and support.

Hope I haven't gotten anyone overly riled or upset. Remember, despair is a sin. We have to keep fighting back against the outrageous assault on the dignity of human life. I'll leave you with a GOOD news story. Abby Johnson's organization has helped 38 former Planned Parenthood workers get other jobs, 8 recently and 5 from the same clinic. Go Abby!

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