Monday, December 10, 2012

There Is NO Social Justice Without Protecting the Unborn

I've often wondered why so many well meaning social activists and even human rights organizations rarely protect the rights of the unborn. In fact, many of these organizations somehow see having access to abortion as helpful to society, since people believe many pregnant women cannot afford to be parents. Rather than working to solve the underlying social issue of poverty, these organizations seem to believe that human rights are best served by ending the human lives of the unborn.

I am struck with the word, "human," because I regularly contemplate how little regard is placed on the value of human life in general. Our unborn have become commodities in fertility clinics, torn in pieces for experiments, and looked at clinically as developing humans, but not humans. Although I won't argue "personhood" here, I will say that it is undeniable that a zygote and baby that is developing in the womb are human. They are not made up of corn cells or mouse cells, but human cells. Does that mean anything to anyone?

Protecting life carries a broad range of responsibilities. Opposing the death penalty is one of them. Refusing euthanasia or anything that smacks of euthanasia is another. Raising the quality of life for those alive is another responsibility. But to me, for anything we say and do to be logical and consistent, we must begin our conversation where life begins, with human DNA.

People who support pro-life get a bad rep for "caring more about the unborn than the born," but that is not intended. It is simply not true that the only solution to poverty and unintended pregnancy is to kill the unborn. One thought (poverty bad) does not lead to another (kill unborn). As a volunteer at 1st Way, I can assure you that we are thinking hard and working hard to help women who are in crisis pregnancy find ways and resources to support that child. We are also available throughout the early years offering diapers in all sizes, baby and toddler clothing and even car seats and high chairs when we get those donations.

It's simply wrong to say that to be pro-life means not to care about social justice. Social justice begins with protecting the basic building blocks of life, human DNA. Ask Dorothy Day. Ask Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Both of them would agree with what I'm saying, unquestionably.

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