Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So, abortion is not a holocaust, you say?

Infancy is a time of innocent trust. The newborn has a lot of development to do and she requires safety and protection to grow up healthy and well.

A newborn infant is not like you and me. They can't sit and debate philosophy or jet ski or write novels. They don't really do much but sleep, poop, cry and eat.

An article posted a few hours ago on is about someone's opinion that, for similar reasons, it is ludicrous to compare abortion to a "holocaust." The reason the author gives is that, "It’s an event in recent history that resulted in the systematic murder of six million people. SIX MILLION LIVING AND BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS.  People who had jobs and lives and families and histories before being enslaved, tortured and murdered. To compare their lives to the lives of developing fetuses disgusts me."

Let's take a look at this. These "people" of the "holocaust" had jobs, lives and families, unlike "developing fetuses." Also, they had jobs and families, unlike infants and children who do not have jobs and have not yet created families. Children are DEVELOPING, just as the "fetus" in the womb is developing. So the reason the author gives why the pre-born aren't people so they cannot be victims of a holocaust isn't sensible at all, since she defines a person with such lazy and careless terms, in a tone (all capitals, emotional language, such as "disgust," "offensive," and "makes me want to foam at the mouth") that is more akin to a person spouting off about their bad hair day than someone writing an intelligent article.

This author even titles her article, "Someone Needs To Explain The Difference Between A Holocaust And An Abortion To The Duggars." For those who don't know, the Duggars are the parents of over twenty children who have recently formed a coalition of pro-life groups who will work together, called, "Life United." The idea for this coalition came to them as they were touring a Holocaust museum and they realized that abortion was a form of holocaust.

So, the author, Jenni Maier, is concerned that the Duggar family has not been educated about what a holocaust is and how it is not the same as abortion. 

Looking up the definition of holocaust in Merriam-Webster online, we see, "a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire." Call a pre-born baby what you will, from a "fetus" to a "sea monkey," you still can't logically say it is not alive or not human. So, the definition of holocaust applies. The Duggars never used the word "holocaust" with a capital "H," which would refer to the most famous holocaust, the Holocaust that occurred in Nazi Germany.

So Jenni, have you been able to stop "foaming at the mouth" long enough to think about things before writing an article on a major internet website?  As I look around the web, I see many examples of this crazy, lazy thinking, which is hungrily embraced by others who want to be lazy in their thinking to justify what they want.

The only reason why it would even occur to me to critique such an inane article is that today's world is so filled with emotion-driven people who lack critical thinking skills. When a person's emotions "resonate" with the emotions of an author, that's all a person needs to make a point these days.

Surely, opinions like this cannot sway an intelligent public from protecting the lives of the unborn.

Jenni Maier's Article

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