Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planned Parenthood Does Nothing to Prevent Abortions- Get the Facts!

UPDATE: The Register-Guard has updated their article to include a more balanced point of view. The perspective of Linda Teutsch of 40 Days for Life was included. I'm happy to see this, as I (and probably many others) had written to the RG about the problem.

Earlier this week, Dr. Alveda King was in Eugene, Oregon, and I am very sorry to say I missed her. Dr. King held a vigil outside of Planned Parenthood on Monday, and I was surprised to see that our local paper, The Register-Guard, even covered it, since they did not cover any of our many previous rallies, vigils and marches over the past year.

To the article's credit, the author wrote, "Much like her famous uncle before her, Alveda King is on a crusade for civil rights. For her, those rights apply to unborn children as well." 

However, almost half of the article is spent trying to defend Planned Parenthood. How does that have anything whatsoever to do with providing news coverage of the event? She writes, "(Cynthia) Pappas (Planned Parenthood local agency CEO and president) said it’s important to remind people that Planned Parenthood does more than offer abortion services, including providing various contraceptives.
 “We do more than any other organization to prevent the need for abortion,” Pappas said.

Let's examine that assertion. 

(1) Birth control has not and does not reduce or prevent the need for abortion. A higher incidence of abortion  accompanies increase in providing birth control. Although this may appear counter-intuitive, it is true. Birth control emboldens more people to have sex in situations that could create unwanted children, and birth control has a fail rate.

Guttmacher Institute- 54% used contraception before unintended pregnancy that resulted in abortion.

(2) Planned Parenthood does NOT do more than any other organization to prevent the need for abortion. Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business. Only a small percent of money is made from non-abortion services, and many of them are being phased out. 

Planned Parenthood wants to eliminate prenatal care:

More to the point, of the pregnant women who come to Planned Parenthood for counseling, almost 98% have abortions. Two percent receive prenatal care.

Source: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. “Fact Sheet,” October 2011, 2.

(3) Every year Planned Parenthood has been in existence, there is a drop in the number of abortions BUT an increase in the number of abortions done by them.

In the USA, during 2000–2009, the abortion rate decreased by 7%.

However, take a look at Planned Parenthood's own Annual Report for any given year and you can see their rate of abortions consistently goes UP.

For example,  Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortion procedures during 2010-11, up from 332,278 abortions in 2009.

So, are ANY efforts, whether they be through Planned Parenthood, First Way or any other pro-life group paying off? 

Um, yes. They may well be the reason for the drop in abortion. Who else is doing it?  

Obviously not Planned Parenthood.

(3) An organization that really does the most to prevent the need for abortion focuses on economic help and supports for the woman with unplanned pregnancy, since 75% of abortion is driven by the sense of economic necessity. 

Planned Parenthood does nothing to address economic needs, while organizations such as First Way do. 

(4) Most importantly, if nothing is wrong with abortion and abortion is not morally wrong, why does it matter if any organization prevents the need for abortion? Why does Pappas even need to make the statement she makes? 

I ask, "What is abortion, Pappas, morally defendable or morally reprehensible, so that you might feel the need to prevent the services you offer?" What could be more transparently political than that statement?

Our mayor, Kitty Piercy, was at the ribbon-cutting to "celebrate" the new Planned Parenthood in Springfield. The majority of people in Eugene are pro-choice. Yet, in this town of "tolerance" and "open-mindedness," why does a business need to be defended instead of simply providing news coverage of a prayer vigil?


  1. Why should they? It's not their mission to be rabble rousers like you anti-abortion freaks. They're doctors and nurses who perform medical services to those in need. How about all the anti-abortion activists be forced to go to adoption counselling? See how silly that is? You're not helping anybody or anything. You're just annoying. Go away and be glad there's not plan B vending machines on every corner of every street in the nation. In other words MYOB!

  2. Update: The Register-Guard has updated their article and it is now much more fair and balanced. Pro-life representatives such as Linda Teusch were interviewed and their views were presented.

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