Friday, March 22, 2013

We've got something better than the culture of death.

This morning, I've been contemplating the pro-life movement in general. I've been thinking about what we're doing to promote a culture of life, not just globally, but locally.

I go to Facebook in the morning and see links to all the many pro-life websites I'm subscribed to. This morning in particular, it has made me almost want to cry. For one thing, there's the Gosnell trial going on right now. For those who don't know, if Dr. Gosnell had snipped the spinal chords of several late term abortions 30 seconds earlier, they would have been "abortions," and not considered murders. Dr. Gosnell is currently on trial for infanticide on a large scale, when he was just barely breaking the law. 

From that page, I click to find out that pro-choice people are upset about "puppy abortions," and spreading the sadness all over the web. Also, I click to links with quotes from abortionists about how they have to work to block out the baby in order to do the procedure.

Yes, it is grim. I won't pretend it's not. But, although we need to face the harshness of the reality of abortion, we also need to put forward the most positive and life affirming message we can. The tragedy and the horror are not going to move people who are loyal to the pro-choice idea. Many think even the grimmest pictures of aborted babies are just part of "scare tactics." It breaks my heart to tell them they're not tactics, just facts.

If public opinion is to be changed, most certainly our approach must be to put forth the message that we have something better than the culture of death.

We are NOT just "anti-abortion." We are PRO-LIFE. We believe in putting babies, children, families and communities first, ahead of more self-involved interests. We believe in women and we believe they can make it in the world as mothers. We affirm the strength and courage women need in order to bring their pre-born children into life in the world. We believe in doing all we can to help that happen.

Help us send those messages out to the world. Help create blogs and memes. Help 1st Way find inspirational stories. We can't do it alone. Our success depends on you. 

Post below or email me on FB to find out how you can help.

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