Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help Us-Political Action Urgently Needed

Hello all First Way Supporters, 
Are you familiar with Senate Bill 490? 
If it passes, crisis pregnancy centers will have to publicly advertise and place notices in conspicuous places that we do not offer abortion or abortion referrals. This is even though we receive no government funding and do not deliberately deceive anyone. However, if we are required to provide that information, many women who might have considered alternatives to abortion will not have those alternatives presented to them.

Senate Bill 490...

  • …  is an unconstitutional infringement upon free speech rights because it compels pregnancy centers to say words they would not otherwise say and regulates speech NOT conduct. 
  • …  is overly broad and does not address any documented problem the state has a compelling interest in addressing.
  • …  applies to all covered pregnancy centers regardless of any wrongdoing.
  • …  violates due process principles because it does not adequately define the entities who are affected and it invites arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement.
  • …  targets small community-based nonprofit organizations that do not receive any state or federal funds.
  • …  is part of a national campaign that is based upon differences in ideology and uses unsubstantiated accusations.
  • …  forces a business to list services they do not offer for the first time in Oregon history.
  • …  requires “conspicuously placed” written notices that “a reasonable person is likely to read and understand”.  These terms are unconstitutionally vague.
  • …  requires that a notice be placed on any website maintained by the entity providing the services for any purpose if the services are even incidentally mentioned.
  • …  requires that medical professionals to be paid for their services and denies them the right to voluntarily provide services in their community.
  • …  increases state costs for OHA rule promulgation, compliance investigation, and enforcement with no demonstration that it addresses any harm to Oregon citizens.

This information below comes from Debbie, Executive Director, Pregnancy Alternatives Center-
Here's what you can do:
SB490 has been scheduled for hearing Monday!

Yes this Monday @ 3pm.
Statewide conference call TOMORROW @9am
Call (605) 475-4700  Enter code: 847627#

·       Get every person you can to be at the capital Monday @2:00 to be present at the 3:00 hearing. We need a mass showing. If you have to close, then do it. This showing if VERY IMPORTANT. We all understand it is not convenient. Oh well, convenience is not the issue. PLEASE hear us… YOU NEED TO BE THERE!
·       IMMEDIATELY, I MEAN IMMEDIATELY you need to contact all of your constituents and have them call their Senators and Representatives. We need a massive call campaign. Basically you need to say… Please do not support SB490. Every woman deserves the right to alternative services. Also call Senate President Peter Courtney. All the numbers are at
·       Most importantly this is the time to get the prayer warriors activated.

Please be on the call tomorrow at 9:00 am.


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