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Should Infants Born Alive Be Protected?

Should Infants Born Alive Be Protected?

"What kind of question is that," most people would think, if they are not familiar with what is going on.

 (The baby on the left is alive, 21 weeks old.)

The Pro-Life World has become rather intense lately.

The media is beginning to show us some extreme positions being taken.

After-Birth Abortion: What is that? Does this make sense to anyone?

What is a "Born Alive Infants Protection Act?"

When babies are born alive after botched abortions, what should happen to them? Often these babies are missing limbs, or are paralyzed. They are breathing, crying and their heart are racing. Sometimes, as in the case below, the doctor is sued either for the damage done or the fact that the abortion job wasn't completed, usually depending on whether the parent sues or the child grows up and sues.

Should infants born alive be saved? 

Planned Parenthood says that decision is between a woman and her doctor.

Obama voted twice (as a senator) that if the mother wanted the infant killed, she should be able to choose that. It's even here on video:

Obama, as a member of the Illinois Senate, opposed a state version of the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, a measure that would make sure babies who survive abortions are given proper medical care. This is the same bill being considered right now in Florida.

I'm not just talking about late-term, third trimester pregnancies. Sometimes, an infant can be viable (able to live outside the womb) in the 5th month, by around week 20.
This is what a 21 week old baby, born alive, looks like. Notice how alert he is.

Look at what's happening in Canada- Hundreds of babies a year are just being left to die, because the law offers them no protection-

In the UK, if a baby weighs under a pound, the baby HAS to be left to die, even if that is not what the parents want. In the government run healthcare system, the cost of trying to save babies that small makes it cost-prohibitive.

In this situation, a baby was born although his mother's water never broke. So, you can see him still peacefully curled up, in his ambiotic sac, as if he was in the womb. In a late term abortion, a doctor often punctures this sac so that the water comes out and the baby is drowned.

Can you believe that this baby, as large as he is, could legally be killed or left to die without the protection of a "Born Alive Protection Act?" He could. He isn't breathing yet. The baby is also technically not considered, "born."

Could anyone read these facts and not be stunned by pro-choice "logic?" I can't imagine how much denial a person would have to be in, or how many lies they would have to tell themselves to justify killing an infant born alive. 

Of course, it all started with people getting comfortable with the idea that it is okay to kill a baby as long as it isn't born alive.

Be on the lookout for this movie, "22 weeks," which will be playing at Cannes, about a botched abortion survivor:

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