Thursday, April 11, 2013

1st Way Meme Contest- Win Up to $100!

This has been a busy month for me as I work to get our Meme Contest underway. The contest is on two age levels and has three prize levels. High school aged youth aged 13-18 and young adult college students, aged 18-24, can win up to a $100 gift certificate for I-Tunes or!

<---Meme (not a very good one, but one I made quickly.)

For those who don't know,

Memes are like “mini-posters” that convey a message powerfully, in a quick, creative way. The goal of 1st Way's meme contest is to help make 1st Way and the goals of 1st Way better known in our community and to help make the new “Talk to a Friend” online outreach popular and successful. By taking part in this contest, you can help women feel cared about and supported and you may also save a baby's life.

This month, I've met with our St. Mary's youth group and the pro-life group at the University of Oregon. I'm planning to meet with Students for Life at both Lane Community College and Oregon State, and with several other church youth groups.

If you know of a group where I could go to present the contest, let me know!  If you know anyone aged 13-24 who would like to compete, simply email them a copy of our contest rules:

Thanks everyone! Let's get creative and have fun!!!

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