Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Abortion Industry- Bury Them

I write to you this morning with a fire in my heart. The abortion industry is in some pretty deep trouble right now and we need to make it deeper. Grab your shovels!

Who will deny that what Gosnell has done is pure evil? Planned Parenthood won't deny it. President Obama won't deny it. So, what ARE they denying? They are denying that they are doing evil as well. Oh, the reasons why they are not doing evil are numerous- They say things about Gosnell being "a criminal enterprise, not a health facility."

Who thinks it is okay to kill babies born alive? Here's a short list- 
(1) Gosnell,
(2) Our President Obama,
(3) Planned Parenthood and
(4) Every person who does not do anything about it.

Who is especially culpable? Those who say they are against abortion but can't make that choice for anyone else. To be passive on this issue is to be complicit. If every person who was on the fence spoke up for what is right, we would easily overturn Roe v Wade. Already, by a slim majority, Americans are pro-life. All it would take to overturn Roe v Wade is for people who don't want to make waves to start making them.

If it is not the truth that organizations such as Planned Parenthood aren't guilty of the same thing Gosnell is, then why has it taken so long for this trial to be covered? Why is it still not receiving the coverage it deserves?

I can hardly fathom it all. Babies absolutely brutally murdered. No coverage.

The only reason for the media NOT to cover it is that the truth is a threat. Yes, most abortion facilities are clean and hygenic in comparison to Gosnell's. But, see my last post to see the truth that babies being alive ARE being killed at abortion clinics everywhere and that this is okay with our president. That's why we keep trying to defend, "Born Alive Protection Acts" that are continually militantly opposed.

I shouldn't even have to say that- born alive- as if it makes a difference. The only difference about it is that it is "shocking," and the reason it is shocking is that our eyes can see it.

A woman's body is a cover that prevents us from seeing what is going on inside. When what the doctor does is out in the open, on the table, it is not okay- it is horrible and brutal. But, when his hands are in her body and we cannot see what they are doing, it is perfectly okay. Same baby, same point in time in pregnancy, one baby is in and one baby is out.

The abortion industry is burying baby after baby. The abortion industry is burying anyone who would speak out for these babies. They are burying the news and they are burying us.

Fight back.

The Abortion Industry- Bury Them. Bury them with FB posts, with tweets. Today is the second round of the #Gosnell tweetfest, so if you tweet, tweet your heart out. Post any article you can find on the case on Facebook or anywhere else you go.

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