Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ever Wonder What a Tweetfest is?

  Thanks to all who have made donations over the past week! We do still need diapers, however, especially in size 4-5.  
We're also still seeking donations for a mobile pregnancy clinic. To help us out, just click here!
  I'd also like to introduce the web-site, "Twitter Made Easy for Pro-Life Christians."  
The site was set up so that we can have more people capable of participating in tweetfests. It's because of tweetfests that the Gosnell trial was covered in the media, and it's because of tweetfests that a lot of the nastier pro-abort protestor activities in Texas were covered in the media. Join us and Learn to Be an On-Line Activist- We need you!

For those who have long wondered, here are some directions of how to participate in a Tweetfest-

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