Monday, November 18, 2013

We're Looking for Professionals to Volunteer!

Have a few extra hours in your week? Looking for something to do that will add more meaning and purpose to your life? We have many ways to use your unique talents and special skills through volunteer opportunities.

1st Way volunteers share a passion for helping mothers who are faced with making difficult decisions regarding the lives of their unborn children. In order to carry out our purpose, many activities need to be done “behind the scenes” to make it possible for 1st Way to grow, thrive and serve more women in our community.

Specifically, we are seeking people with skills in many areas of talent, especially including-

*grant research
*grant writing
*grant proofing
*social media
*event organizing
*social networking
*designing ads and brochures
*creative thinkers
*community service volunteering
***Mail Merge (If you can do mail merge, we will love you forever!)*

If you have any of these skills and would be willing to donate at least 4 hours per month toward helping 1st Way, he will be happy to talk with you about how we can make the best use of your talents. 

1st Way grows and thrives each time we involve a new volunteer and his or her passion to our team!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!


  1. Where is this Laura? - can you work on the internet?

  2. We're based in Eugene, Oregon. I actually hadn't thought about it until now, but a lot of these jobs could be done over the internet. Social media work, of course. Grant writing, possibly. In fact, there are a lot of things on the list that could be done anywhere on line. Are you interested in helping us out? :)

  3. yes I will consider helping - There is a women in Boston who posts stories of teens who have had or considered an abortion. I have some ideas about creating pamphlets with these stories to give out to teen/women who are considering abortion.

    I work on the internet throughout the day and evening - what are your thoughts about what you would have me do? - I work on G+, twitter, Linkedin, and post in 4 Christian/Catholic forums. My posts concern Christian spiritual growth.

    1. So sorry Charles, but I just now saw your comment. I'll be happy to talk to you. Are we linked on Linked In? I'm also on G+ and twitter. I saw you sent an email too and I'll respond as soon as I can. Thanks for your interest in helping!

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