Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bring us your ONESIES!!

First Way is in great need of ONESIES right now! We need more baby clothes in general. Have your little ones outgrown theirs? Or do you have a few extra dollars, when you're out shopping, to pick up a few?

We put onesies in the layettes for our new mothers when they have their babies, to help welcome them into the world. They don't have to be cute like the pictures I put here, just small and snuggly. They can be plain white as long as they don't have stains. We don't give stained clothes to our clients.

We also need volunteers. 

Looking for something charitable to do this holiday season? Consider us! 
We love babies and their mamas too.
Babies are us!
Do something special this Christmas...
even if it's just 
one onesie! 

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