Friday, September 13, 2013

1st Way Needs Volunteers!

1st Way needs  volunteers! 

Volunteers at first way can counsel pregnant women, do data entry, put together layettes and many other things! The minimum commitment for a pregnancy counselor is only three hours a week. For other jobs, no ongoing commitment is required.

1st Way especially needs people who do good work on computers and who can do data entry. We have many projects that we need help with, including mailing list merging (using Excel). If you have a talent and would like to come by and help us one day, we'd love to have you come by!

1st Way especially invites bilingual women and younger women to volunteer, although  any age is welcomed and you do not have to be bilingual to apply.

Just give us a call at (541) 687-8651 or email us at

We'll be happy just to let you know more about us to help you get a sense of whether you'd like to join our team.

Saving lives AND making women's lives better- Nothing is more satisfying work!

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