Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet the First Way Staff!

Not everyone knows about our staff at First Way, Eugene. 

In addition to our director, Terry Ianora, we have a medical director, Suzanne Temple, M.D., and four registered nurses who are certified in ultrasound. We have eighteen other volunteers who meet with women, offer pregnancy tests and help each woman in her unique situation.

We also have office staff who volunteer to come in with various tasks, and girls from Marist High School come in to make layettes for women who come to our center, for after they deliver. In addition to that, volunteers come in to clean and to launder donated baby clothes.

First Way also has twelve board members. It truly takes a dedicated community such as ours to help women give their unborn children a chance at life. It also takes regular donations of diapers, bottled water and baby clothing and money.We are always looking for more volunteers, also. There is always something to do! Give us a call at 541.687.8651 if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation.

Coming up soon- Interviews with volunteers, including our nurses!

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