Monday, September 23, 2013

Why does 1st Way need a mobile clinic?

-Low income women often have transportation problems and we can bring ultrasound right to their door.

-We can go to places where women are shopping for pregnancy tests and offer them a free test on the spot. For example, we can park the mobile unit at or near Walmart.

-We can park across the street from abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood, where women are not offered ultrasound. Some women would like this option and can't find it available at Planned Parenthood, since it is only available there in very limited areas at this time.

-We never have to worry whether our location is convenient to women, because we can vary it and get ourselves out there in all sorts of Eugene communities and business locations.


Would you like to make a monthly pledge to help 1st Way? We can automatically deduct any amount, even as low as $5 a month (which comes to $60 a year).  We appreciate your support, since we need around $100,000 to make this dream come true and we only raised part of the funds at our recent fundraiser dinner. Contact me and I'll help you set it up.


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