Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We meet mothers where they are, where they need.

“Our passion is far reaching, yet it only needs to reach as far as the individual woman. We eschew political intrigues for the real action instead. We meet mothers where they are, where they need.”

The above quote is by Terry Ianora, Eugene 1st Way director, from her book, Ordinary Heroes- Creating a Culture of Life. Terry has been my inspiration as long as I've worked with helping 1st Way. She is a woman of action and a woman of caring. She puts women first in all things and her attitude and approach permeate 1st Way on every level.

A leader sets a tone for everyone. Because Terry sincerely cares about women, she expects that same attitude of non-judgment and compassion from her staff. She is correct that we meet mothers where they are, where they need. We give them the information they ask for. We help women find solutions to difficult social, family, medical and financial problems. We try to help improve the life of the women who come to us, so that they will be able to be parents for their children. We offer baby and toddler clothes, diapers and other supplies. 1st Way is truly a women's center, where women feel heard and appreciated.

1st Way needs donations to purchase a mobile pregnancy unit to serve women in areas all over Eugene. Set up a pledge with us to make automatic payments.

Get a copy of Terry's book from Amazon. You'll read Terry's story of 40 years of work with crisis pregnancy centers, her passion, her love and her vision. Carmel Heart Media serves 1st Way for no profit and donates $9 or more from every book sale to 1st Way.

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